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PLEASE NOTE that you are ONLY paying for a bookig fee. The additional £50 will be required to be paid on the day of training.


This 1:2:1 ABT Accredited training course is suitable for competant Nail Technicions who are wanting to learn how to e-file.




*What is an E-File

*E-File components - The components of an E-File

*E-File Bits - The different types of e-file bits and what they are used for.

*E-File cleaning - how to clean your e-file bits

*How to use an e-file - how to use and e-fle safely and correctly covering de-bulking, removing length, removal of gel polish, cleaning under the free edge and cuticle work

Anatomy and Physiology - anatomy of the nail, allergies, nail disorders, contra actions,

contra indications


You will be provided with an e-mail copy of the training manual to study prior to the date of yout training course.  You will be tested on your knowledge throughout the day.


Pre-requisite requirements: 


Manicure, gel polish and at least one of the following;



UV Gel/Hard Gel

Builder Gel/BIAB


Please email me directly to provisionally book an agreeable date to suit both parties before paying your booking fee.  Please note that booking fees are non refundable and non transferable.   You can e-mail me at

E-File 1 Day - Booking Fee 50% - In Person 1:2:1 Training

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