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NAILS**                                                                                 PRICE     INFILL 

Acrylic/Builder Gel Extensions                                              £47.00      £37.00

French Acrylic Extensions (Pink and White)                         £52.00      £42.00

Acrylic/Builder Gel Overlays                                                  £37.00     £37.00

French Acrylic Overlays (Pink and White)                             £42.00     £42.00

Gel Polish                                                                              £27.00        n/a 

Acrylic/Builder Gel Soak Off & New Set                                  n/a         £57.00

French Acrylic Soak Off & New Set                                         n/a         £62.00

Acrylic/Builder Gel Soak Off (includes file & shape)             £15.00         n/a 

Gel Polish Soak Off  (includes file & shape)                         £10.00         n/a 

Repair or Replacement Nail                                                  £4.00           n/a 

Replacement Nail During Nail Service                                  £2.00           n/a 

**Maintenance & Infills are recommended every 2 weeks.

Keeping maintenance up to date will avoid additional costs for repairs/replacement Nails.


I offer an extensive range of nail art using different nail art products and mediums.

I strive to keep up with the current fashion and trends.


Prices range from £0.50 to £2.50 per nail

TOES/FEET                                                                         PRICE     INFILL

Gel Toes (cut, file, shape & gel polish)                                 £27.00       n/a 

Standard Pedicure with Gel Polish*                                     £35.00        n/a 

*Specially formulated products from Footlogix.  This

treatment includes spa foot soak, exfoliation, hard skin

removal, foot moisturiser and nails cut, filed & shaped)

Deluxe Pedicure with Gel Polish**                                       £45.00        n/a 

**As above plus leg and foot massage and a relaxing

heat treatment - a choice of either heated bootees or

a paraffin wax bath - please specify when booking)  

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